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Just recently my male hamster Perky, who is about a year and a half old, has started squeaking quite a lot. He seems in good health and is eating, drinking and exercising properly.


I've had a look online and it's been suggested that in females it could be a type of mating call. Is this the same for males?


It's a bit worrying anyone got any ideas??

Any info on this would be brilliant!





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Hayley X-X
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My hamsters have never squeaked. But I wanted to see if i could find any info for you.
I found this ... Read through it, maybe it will give you some ideas :)

Hayley xx


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Hi, does your male have a cage mate? If so, he will be squeaking due to fighting! He will need to  be separated. Though since you haven't mention it, I assume there's no cage mate. I'm not sure if it is a mating call-I don't actually think it is but there could be a possibility? Is he injured? I'm not sure what could be wrong with him sadly. Being hurt could have something to do with squeaking...So certainly give him a very thorough check over. Speak soon, James. 


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Becky 22
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If he's very young he might just be squeaking for the sake of it. Either that or he's very scared for some reason you may not have realised (which could be the sound of the TV, a phone possibly, something like that). If he seems in good health there's no reason to worry. If he loses appetite, stops drinking, appears lethargic or anything start being concerned and phoning the vets.

Does he squeak constantly? Or just every few seconds or when he feels like it?



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One of my boys started squeaking a while ago, occasionally when my husband puts sunflower seeds through the bars in a particular place, when I check him over at cage-cleaning time, and just randomly.  He seems healthy and lives alone.  I think he's just a whiner! 


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Thanks for your help and vice everyone, very much appreciated!

I've just checked him over and he isn't hurt and is running in his wheel normally, but I think he may have a cold as he seems to be wheezing and breathing heavily :(

I'll be going on an trip to the vets tomorrow to get him checked out.

Fingers crossed it's nothing too serious.

Thanks again


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your lucky i owned one once that hissed... like a snake !!!


from the very first day of purchase, it was evil little thing... its mouth opened like a cobra snake even just placing my head near the cage to catch a peek of him...


i will never forget that one, within one week it died...


my only conclusion is i was sold a very ill Roborovski Hamsters !!!



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I took Perky to the vets and he thinks he may be allergic to the dust in the wood shavings so I have bought some dust free bedding!

The vet said he was the best Robo he has handled too :)

I'm glad Perky isn't hissing!! I'll keep an eye out just in case. He is sleeping well now thou so it's looking good!

Thanks everone!

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