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I have 2 fancy robo hamsters. Fred and Wilma. Fred is light grey and bigger than Wilma. Wilma is smaller and a darker gray. I have a little hut for them and they spend alot of time in it. Recently, They have been fighting or breeding, i cant really tell...... But Wilma has been coming out of the little hut wet. they are both in the hut at the same time. How will i know that one of them is pregnant OTHER than when I see the babies.

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you would not know she is pregnant until the final few days, read breeding section on here for more info.


you say "fancy robo"  i have never heard a robo called this .... can we see a picture ?

And if you have a female and male living together you will eventually get babies, and if the male is not removed when she gives birth, you will get more babies, have you homes for any babies ? if not be careful or you will soon become overrun with them.


and if they are fighting there will be signs of injury and loud squeaking as well.



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Emma & Elizabeth
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There aren't any signs besides babies of pregnancy! But usualy the belly is bulging and is showing teats! Don't handle the mom to see if you can tell! I would suggest cleaning the cage now! provide bedding for making a nest, if she makes a big nest she is probably pregnant! Make sure you are providing lots of protien for the mom and dad. I would suggest you take the dad out now becuase he might be killed by the mom or many more litters! After the babies are born don't disturb the nest becuase it will stress out the mom and this may be in a result of her killing the babies! The only reson to come near the cage is to feed and water hammies. When the babies are born or you think the are about to be born remove the wheel.

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Hammy & Tammy
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You can tell if she is bulging and show her teats as mentioned. But gray robos? I never heard of that, but i think there are Dwarf Fancy Hamsters which i think are just dwarf campbells. Maybe your hamsters are dwarf campbells. Try to check their size, robos are ususally barely bigger than 1 inch.


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grey robos?


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