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My hamster won't chew on the wooden blocks I gave him!

any tips?



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For my hamsters i have these apple tree sticks. they always chew on them!!:tongue:


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Hannah Jones
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Or coat the bars with some kind of treat to make it smell appealing... :)


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My hamster is a butt and won't chew what I give him to chew, but he'll chew everything he's NOT supposed to. :) So I give him harder treats like banana chips as opposed to something soft like raisins.

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Hammy & Tammy
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My hamsters never chew anything. I posted a topic like that and my replies were that they won't chew stuff if there teeth aren't long enough, but since they chew other things maybe rub yogurt drops n the chew toys so it smells apealling.


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My hamsters dont like to chew on things either, exept one, he only chews on plastic, which is on his water bottle and his plastic house... anyways i bought better things for him, safe plastic for him to chew on and i renforced the water bottle and house :). So some hamsters like to chew on things, some like only certain things, and some just dont chew on things!


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the apple stick chews are a favourite of my lot, and the hard dog biscuits are liked as well, they take ages to chew them. As i have a "four room hamster house" ( see pic by link on profile page) I have something wooden in each room, either the apple tigs a wooden run through log and one of those wooden nesting cubes, as i reckon if they have the urge to chew and there is only plastic nearby they will chew the plastic, but having something wooden close they go for that, well thats my theory and it seems to work with my lot !,  you could also get from The Range (UK store) something called The Nibbler (under £2), it is a wooden chew about half a carrot size that bolts to any bars of the cage, I am using that for my Syrian and rats too and they love that.



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Emma & Elizabeth
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Hi, I give my hamsters a small but safe pincone. If there is a pincone tree in your area ask the owner if you can have one and make sure that it isn't treated. I also like the idea of coating bars with a strong smelling treat.(roborovskihamster) Hope I helped and good luck! :) 


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